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Wheelchair Floorball

Tournament Rules

IFF and ICWF Rules

Link to: ICWF 2014 Integrated Rules

Link to: 2014 ICWF Abbreviated Amendments

No age limit or gender differentiation; manual sports wheelchairs only

The currently valid IFF Rules of the Game will be adopted as the tournament rules and extended to include the changes pertaining to wheelchair floorball.

The following additional rules have been decided by the tournament organisers:
It is obligatory for the goalkeeper to have a handicap.
No additional equipment may be added to the goalkeeper’s Equipment.
A maximum of 2 players without a handicap* will be allowed on the court.
* In General Persons who are not able to Play regular Floorball are counted as handicaped.
We rely on the Rules of PWO

Game time
We plan with about 10 Teams: If there are a lot more or less teams, we Probably adjust the game Time.

Regular game time in the preliminary round will be 2 x 15 minutes. In the final round, all matches will be played for 3 x 15 minutes. Matches will not continue after the effective game time, except the last 3 minutes of regular game time respectively. Timeouts will only be permitted from the semi-final onwards.

Points rule
The winning team will receive 3 points; in the event of a draw, each team will receive 1 point, and the losing team will receive 0 points.
If two or more teams score the same number of points after the group stage, the following rules will apply for ranking:
-       Points scored in the mutual matches
-       Face-to-face encounter
-       Goal difference
-       Number of goals scored

In the event of a draw in a Placing or Final Game after regular game time, a penalty shootout will take place. If the score is still a draw afterwards, the penalty shootout will continue with one field player from each team respectively taking a hit until there is a goal difference. This does not apply to the semi-final and final, where the teams will play to “sudden death” beforehand during five minutes of extra time.

Petr Michalek will be the responsible Chief judge, coordindate the Referees and this also responsible for all the allocation of the games.


Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. The tournament organisers assume no liability. Each team leader is responsible for ensuring that his players/team are insured on and off the court. General travel insurance is recommended.
The organisers will also accept no liability for losses or damage.


Tournament jury
-       Fredy Rickenbach, President Organizing Committee
-       Hanspeter Matzinger, Thurgauer Unihockey Verband
-       Stefan Bill, Rollstuhlclub Zürich 

A protest must be lodged with the jury within 15 minutes after the end of the match. The fee for lodging a protest is € 25. If the protest is dismissed, the fee will not be refunded.   

Team list
Must be submitted to the jury’s table before the first match. Only players who are registered on the list will be permitted to participate. No more changes may be made to the list after it has been submitted.


Match record
The match record must be filled out at the jury’s table 30 minutes before the match. The match records will be displayed on the jury’s table.


Failure of a team to appear
The maximum time to wait for a team before a match starts is five minutes after the official starting time as stated in the match schedule. After this time, the missing team will be deemed to have lost the match 0 to 5.


Each player can only participate in one team during the entire tournament.

Match penalty:
A match penalty will lead to a player’s automatic suspension until the end of the respective match. Two match suspensions will additionally lead to suspension during the next match. Three match suspensions will cause the player to be excluded from play for the entire tournament.


Jersey colours
If the referee considers that the colours of the teams’ jerseys are too similar, he can instruct the visiting team to put on overshirts.

Changing cubicles
There will be a limited number of changing cubicles. Teams will only be able to get changed there. No clothing or equipment may be left in the changing cubicles. Because the accommodation will be directly beside the sports grounds, we recommend that teams get changed directly in their rooms.


Match schedules
The organisers reserve the right to adjust the match schedules at short notice. All team leaders will always be informed of changes by email or directly during the tournament.

The organizer reserves the right to make adjustments to the regulating element, if necessary!