swiss wheely open

Wheelchair Floorball

Swiss Wheely Open 2018.

Registration Form: Link
Name and Rooming List: Link

On the weekend from 26. to 28. April 2018 the third Wheelchair Floorball Tournament is held in Switzerland.

The tournament takes place at the Swiss Paraplegic Center in Nottwil, where we find perfect conditions for such an event. The hotel, located close to the sport hall of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, is fully wheelchair accessible.  

It will be played according to the international rules with adjustments for wheelchair floorball we know from the tournaments in Breda and Prague.

We would be very pleased to welcome you at this third Wheelchair Floorball Tournament in Switzerland. 

Address: Google Maps Link
Guido A. Zäch Strasse 1
CH-6207 Nottwil 


15.12.2017: Deadline for Registration: Registration Form
12.01.2018: Registration Fee must be pay until that date. (You get an Invoice)
28.02.2018: Definitive Name and Rooming List sent to us. (Excel Document)
15.03.2018: Payment to be transferred. (You get an Invoice)

25.04.2018: Official Arrival Day
26.04.2018: First Game Day
27.04.2018: Second Game Day
28.04.2018: Final Game Day, Tournament Party at the Evening
29.04.2018: Official Departure Day


Entry Fee: € 200.-

Per Person: 65 € in Double Room / 75 € in Single Room. Per Team a maximum of eight Double Rooms are allowed (16 Persons). All Meals from Dinner at 25.04. until Breakfast at 29.04. are included.
(Fill out the Excel Sheet, and your costs will automatically calculated)

If you have any question, please contact the Organization Committee at